Succulents & Cacti myth-busters with general care instructions.

Succulents & Cacti myth-busters with general care instructions.

MYTH1: Cacti & succulents can handle low light?

Absolutely not. Mostly and generally, succulents are highlight plants, while some succulents can live in bright indirect light, they will not thrive, and cacti usually require even more light than your average succulent to survive.

A sweet spot for most cacti and succulent would be,

Indoors: on a sunny window sill where the plant can see the sun for a few hours per day.

Outdoors: In filtered sunlight, where trees or a sheer curtain is protecting the plants from the sun but still getting adequate light, they also work in shaded or semi shaded balconies/terrace/roofs/gardens.

MYTH2: I should give a few sips of water to my succulent every once in a while.

The proper way to water a succulent/cactus (if they're given adequate light) is to water it thoroughly, don't be afraid to saturate the soil.

Wait for the soil to dry out COMPLETELY before watering again.

Do not be afraid of giving it too much water, the plant will NOT be overwatered because you used too much water, but it will be over-watered if you do not wait for it to dry COMPLETELY before watering again.

We care about the frequency not the quantity.

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