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Large Low Light Plant Trios - Black Plastic Pots

Large Low Light Plant Trios - Black Plastic Pots

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Hard to Kill set for beginners, suitable for low light spaces.

Plants come in black nursery plastic pots, you can add pots from the side bar.

Set 1 = XL Pothos on a stick, Large Dieffenbachia tropic snow, Medium Sansevieria Laurenti

Set 2 =   XL Pothos on a stick, Large Dieffenbachia tropic snow, Philodendron Hang.

Set 3 =  XL Pothos on a stick, Large Cast Iron Plant  , Philodendron Hang.

Set 4 =  XL Pothos on a stickMonstera Deliciosa, Sansevieria Moonshine Large.



LIGHT, INDOORS: This Plant survives in low light but thrives in bright Indirect light. Ideally, place it in a room with a window, where it can see the sky.

WATER: Check soil weekly but only water after testing the soil every 7-10 days to make sure soil is almost completely dry.


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